The Doughnut of Doom

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It's another ordinary day in Food Town and Nancy McNutty, peanut butter sandwich and rookie reporter, desperately needs a big break. So, when news comes in of a monster doughnut on the rampage, she's straight on the case - she knew there was something dodgy about the superfoods down at Lemon Labs! And boy, is that doughnut hungry! It's EATING everything in sight and not even the police, the fire chiefs OR the military can bring it down. Whatever will President Bacon do? Luckily, Nancy has a cunning plan. All they need is a plucky hero who will sacrifice themselves for the good of all food kind . . . !


  • King Kong meets Superman meets Ghostbusters in this hilarious, sugar-sweet tale from Elys Dolan
  • Taking inspiration from 1950's B-movies, there are pages to pore over, illustrations packed with comic detail and crossover humour to appeal to child and adult alike

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