Mighty Megasaur Walking and Roaring T-Rex

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Experience all the thrill of the Jurassic era with the Mighty Megasaur Walking and Roaring T-Rex! The Mighty Megasaur Walking and Roaring T-Rex can really walk, with fearsome sounds to send its prey running. With glowing red eyes for a creepy stare and a realistic roar to terrorise its prey, the Walking and Roaring T-Rex brings awesome prehistoric action to your playtime. Called the King of the Dinosaurs, the T-Rex stomped through North America over 65 million years ago and grew up to 20 feet tall. Whether your fierce T-Rex is chasing down smaller dinosaurs, doing combat with another predator, or crashing through the forest to chase human adventurers from another era, he’s sure to bring Jurassic games to life. The Mighty Megasaur Walking and Roaring T-Rex has poseable arms and a soft rubber neck, so kids can add even more action to their adventures back in time. Create your own Jurassic story with a fearsome dino toy that walks androars just like a real T-Rex. The Mighty Megasaur Walking and Roaring T-Rex is part of an assortment within which several styles are available, so unfortunately it is not possible to request your preferred style.


  • Realistic roaring sound
  • Walking action with sounds
  • Light up eyes
  • Posable arms
  • Soft neck

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4 Years +


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