Item Care

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A little TLC for your clothes makes them and you look smarter for longer...

While you're wearing your suit:
  • Carry as little as possible in the pockets; ideally nothing in the jacket pockets.
After wearing your suit:
  • Brush your suit after each wearing, using a natural bristle brush.
  • Hang your suit up, clean and unbuttoned, after each wearing. Use a curved, wide-shoulder hanger, with the curve facing forward.
  • If you’re not a frequent suit-wearer, keep your suit looking fresh and well-maintained with a quick brush and airing every now and then.
  • Try to ‘rest’ your suit between each wearing. This will let the cloth fibres settle and the suit’s shape relax back into place.
Cleaning your suit:
  • Always read and follow the instructions on your suit’s care label.
  • Only have your suit dry-cleaned if it’s actually dirty, and ask your dry cleaner to just spot-clean the soiled area if possible.
  • It’s best to have your suit pressed by your dry-cleaner.



  • Always read and follow the cleaning instructions on your knitwear item’s care label.
  • Wool items need to rest between wearings to allow the fibres to settle.



  • Avoid washing cotton and cotton blend shirts in high temperatures – this will prematurely age the fabric and buttons. If the shirt isn’t too soiled, a gentle, warm wash followed by drip-dry is best.
  • Make sure shirts are buttoned up before you put them in the washing machine; this helps to preserve the buttons and retain the shirt’s shape.



  • Always follow the instructions on your tie’s care label.
  • Hang your tie up on a coat or tie hanger, to allow the creases to fall away and the tie to regain its shape.