Fusion Science 700mm Reflector Telescope with Equatorial Mount

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The powerful 525x magnifying telescope is fixed to the mount, allowing the telescope to remain trained on any celestial body as the earth rotates. This essential piece of kit uses fine-point adjustment across 2 axes: ascension (RA) and declination (DEC) —basically up and down, and left and right. The degrees are marked on both axes, creating a clear framework to start exploring the night sky. How to use: 1. Practise setting up when you are indoors and have lots of light. 2. Take your telescope outside. Viewing objects through windows is not recommended. 3. Let your telescope adjust to the outside temperature, as the lens may fog up. 4. Choose the darkest spot available. Moonless nights are best for deep-sky objects. 5. Set up on a flat surface with a wide view of the sky. 6. When choosing an eyepiece, remember the lowest numbers have the highest magnification. 7. Always be sure to remove the dust cap from the lens. 8. Start with the lowest power eyepiece for a wide view. 9. For a closer look at an object you’ve found, switch to a higher power eyepiece. 10. To focus, slowly adjust the focuser knob until you have just passed best focus, then dial back to the best focus.


  • Contents: 700mm Reflector Telescope with Equatorial Mount, Tripod and manual
  • Up to 525x magnifying power
  • 76mm objective lens
  • 3x power Barlow lens

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